Procedures Price
Eyebrow correction with tweezers 3,- EUR
Eyebrow correction with wax 5,- EUR
Eyebrow dyein 3,- EUR
Eyelash perm 15,- EUR
Eyelash dyein 5,- EUR
Eyebrow painting with CC Brow gel 10,- EUR
Classical eyelash extensions 30,- EUR
3D eyelash extensions 35,- EUR

Eyebrow dyein with henna

15,- EUR

Eyebrow bio-coloring with henna.

Ideal for those whose eyebrow hairs are quite thin or almost non-existent.

Several color tones allow you to perfectly match any type of skin and hair color.

Eyebrow coloring with henna also stimulates hair growth.

Eyebrow henna stays on the skin for about 2 weeks, bleach slowly, but does not change in other shades, while in the hair it stays up to 5 weeks.

The procedure can be repeated after 3 or 5 weeks.

The procedure lasts 1 hour, including eyebrow correction.