Body peeling procedure – massage

Duration 30 min. Price 25,-  EUR

Body wrapping procedure for slenderness

(vaccuume massage or honey massage 30 min., mud wrap 30 min., massage with anticellulite cream 30 min)

Duration 1,5 hours Price 40,- EUR

Procedure for abdominal area

(peeling, toning massage for abdominal area, plastifying mask with lifting effect (by reinforcing liposome cream)

Duration 1 hour Price 25,- EUR

Body procedure for removing excess fluid

(mesotherapy, vacuum massage 30 min., draining gel, lymph drainage massage for whole body)

Duration 2 hours Price 45,- EUR

Body tinting with Academie BRONZ EXPRESS

(body peeling, moisturizing cream with Bronze Express)

Duration 1 hour 25,- EUR