To turn Cinderella into a beautiful and wonderful Princess, each must find his magic wand, a key, which will open the door to the world of beauty.

At Klēra’s SPA Academy, we will learn how to wash and clean the face perfectly to be ready for Cinderella’s party. Let’s do it ourselves so that it does not cause troubles at home. It will be an educational and active event.

In the middle of the party there will be a delicious snacks.

The second part of the party will be dedicated to the palms.
We will do a little manicure, we will massage your palms, put on warm gloves of paraffin. The hands will be mild and fragrant!

Each participant in the Klēra’s SPA Academy will receive a certificate of the first steps in the beauty care and the joy of little gifts. Our photo wall you can use to taken the most beautiful pictures for memories about the party!

Party up to 5 children for 3 hours,
price 120 EUR.

These events can be an alternative to your child’s birthday, nameday, or any other party.